Friday, May 23, 2008

Cycloholic Syndrome

Take your time to read all,,, don't panic if you are tegar gerek...!!!
(From Fakawi's Forum & Zan. . .khas utk LOSO ha ha ha )

1. You can't get enuff of weekend ride (20km is peanut!)
2. You wish there are 2 or more Sundays in a week.
3. You ride mtb with knobbie tyres on tarmac during weekdays
4. If you looking for a new job, reasonable cycling distance, shower and bicycle parking facility are parts of your consideration.
5. If wife wants to go for a family holiday, you googling to see if that place have trail to explore..
6. Cycling come next to your wife in priority list. In some occassion, cycling come first (PCC Prez, Epic ride, Hash)
7. You apply leave for an event which is months away.
8. You wud do just about anything for wife in order to ride new trail.
9. You are reading cycling forum & BBS during office hours (ouch!)
10. One of the criteria of choosing a new vehicle is how well it can fit your bike(s). Or if it's gonna look good with roof bike rack
11. You think Tour De France is cool to watch
12. Your daily exercise is either ride the bicycle or ride the wife (allowed minimum "ride" ha ha ha)
13. Whenever you see a hill, "can I pedal up that hill?" "which is the best route to tackle that hill"
14. You change "pepatah melayu" to cycling experience e.g. "bersusah2 dahulu, bersenang2 kemudian" become "at the end of each climb, there's a downhill"
15. Salary surplus goes to upgrading bicycle parts rather than replacing broken "seterika"
16. Rather than buying new clothing or stuff for festive seasons, you buy new jerseys or parts for your bike.
17. You change your cigarette to Downhill...
18. Your office hour is spent surfing bike websites.
19. You know the Fakawichief better thanyou know your boss
20. BBS is your favorite cyber hangout
21. If home minister query why spend so much money buying cycling goods, you threaten her that its better to spend the money on bikes rather than spend it on another girl/ mistress/ girl friend. She can choose which one. It works every time for me. Now she dare not question anymore. ( ha ha ha )
22. You switch to sports channel everytime you turn on the TV hoping that there's mtb related events.
23. I'd washed the bike myself but send my car to the car wash.
24. You can't sleep eventhought you eye close for hours... coz tomorrow riding dayI sometimes refer to my steering wheel as handlebar and to roads as trails.
25. Lean forward as close as possible to the steering wheel while i drive up a steep hill.
26. At least 7 of out 10 bookmarks on your PC are mtb sites.
27. Spending a very2 long2 time at MTB shop every week,,, just to take a look of same stuff that wonder me...
28. Morning time going for work at 8am .. like so early for u but when going for a ride even 7am u think is too late
29. U need alarm to wake u up at 6am to prepare for work but U don't need alarm to wake u up at 6am when u wanna go for riding
30. You get good wax / chain or wat ever lube that cost like hell for ur bike...but ask ur wife to shave her legs with cheap LUX soap . . . .(worst ha ha ha ) . .

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