Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Week End On Bike

Train for Tour
(stay tune ! i will try to update tru' out d' ride )

My Bike & survival kits.

My survival kits : bike tools, XC chain oils, chain cutter, spare chain, long nose, Hammer gels, map, compass, spare tubes, first aid kits & more not in d' pics.

'road bike' nii milik bapa saudara aku . . . TRM sibuk dgn road bike depa, last2 aku yg dapat dulu road bike nii . . . wz no cost ! Solid besi, jenama 'gold leaf' entah dari mana ?

so, bila matching baru dgn yg lama . . . mmmm aku inform mak mertua utk angkut balik basikal tua niii untuk buat 'plastic surgery', bagi muda balik . . . boleh gak aku naik untuk 'cooling down' !

so, up up & away ! aku angkut bawa balik dari Kg Tengah Relau, Sg Bakap balik ke SP ha ha ha ! Sepanjang perjalanan kat highway kejap2 anak aku dok inform "ayah ! orang tuuu dok gelak tengok besikal buruk atas kete kite ! " Tapi, ada gak yang admired ! Nak lepas 3 tol, Juru, Sg Dua dan SP aduuuuuuh tebal muka, awat laa depa jeling & senyum sinis tengok besikal buruk niii ! Kesian dia . . . !

ok back on track . . . same bike, same route !
Date : 21st August 2008
Time : 07.00 am
Route : SP > Kangar > Sintok > Kangar > Pak Bara > Kangar > SP
  • 21/8 : SP > Kangar = 110km
  • 22/8 : Kangar> UUM Sintok> Kangar= 80km 'cooling down'
  • 23/8 : Kangar > Pak Bara, Thailand = 120km
  • 24/8 : Pak Bara > Kangar = 120km
  • 25/8 : Kangar > SP = 110
Total Dist. (approx) : 540km
Meet Point/Start : Taman Ria, Sungai Petani, Kedah
Note : MTB On Road. I am not doing touring, but more on speed !
Goals : "Train for Tour de Thailand in Dec. '08"

Tips :
1. A hilly course offers an alternative to an interval ride, and will give you some variety at the same time. And riding a tough course will help you develop the mental attitude needed to face those hills in a race.
2. Cooling Down - "A good idea to help flush the lactic acid out of your muscles and cut down on soreness the next day. If you can, take 10 to 15 minutes for some leisurely spinning after an event or hard training ride. One study from Iowa looked at lactate levels 20 minutes post exercise in three groups - passive recovery, massage, and slow cycling on a stationary trainer. The easy pedaling group removed more lactate, more quickly, than massage which is often touted as the "gold standard".
2. Sleep - When you are training, you will
need more rest to recover. Instead of the 8 hours, 9 is probably better. It's that last hour or two when you go into REM (rapid eye movement) sleep that the mind really restores itself. Miss that time and your concentration and reaction time may suffer.
One way to get there is to add 15 minutes of sleep a night until you wake up feeling totally refreshed. Then you'll be ready to give it your best.

How do you know when you are still a little short of your personal needs?

  • you can't wake up without a sleep alarm
  • you are stressed and irritable during the day
  • you always hit the snooze alarm
  • and you can't wait to sleep in on weekends
The key areas to stretch for mountain bikers are –
• The hamstrings
• The calf muscles
• The lower back
• The shoulders / chest
• The hip flexors
• The gluteal muscles (in the buttock)

Rules when stretching are
• Always do some light aerobic exercise for a few minutes before stretching
• Breathe normally – don’t hold your breath when stretching
• Apply each stretch slowly and take it to the point that you feel slight tension but not pain
• Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds
• Don’t bounce up and down when stretching as this makes the muscles automatically contract when you want them to realx.

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cari la mai sbiji gi gerek tua tang mana kot2 ada, lama dah dok cari, body dan lain kita mantain cuma tambah speed gear bg laju sikit