Sunday, August 10, 2008

SP MTB Jamboree 2008 _ Pics Update

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we want to express our deepest appreciation for your participation in the SP MTB Jamboree 2008. The tremendous response we received resulted in a very successful ‘jamming’ by 777 riders/mountain biking enthusiasts. See you guys in "Sahara Ride" & BM Mountain Cross" . . .

Solute ! Solute ! Solute to all Riders !

G.I. Jane, before the ride . . ! "aiyaaa I don't like this numberrrr !

After the Ride . . . Jane's helmet. . . hope u r' getting well & back on trail !

Jane's helmet . . .

Mechanical Breakdown.
45km trail & and 1st to arrive, less than 1 hr (rescued) . . . Chan NXT ! feel sorry for ur' self !
& Come back next year !

Chan NXT's . . . .

45km trail - 2nd , less than 1 hr (rescued) . . .
& come back next year Bro !

Dislocate . . . from Bukit Mertajam. Hope u r' getting well !

aduuuuhhhh !. . .

Dislocate . . . from Alor Star ! Hope u r' getting well !

Our Crew KK Tan also injured ! Giving d best support to ensure
SP MTB a reality ! Solute Bro !

Love Bike (bite) . . . phew !


Best Times :
  • 1st : LIM YEW MING - Ipoh - Time 2hrs 30 mins
  • 2nd : Syamsul FIrdaus - MSN Kedah - 2 hrs 40 mins
  • 3rd : Lee Ching Hoe - Penang - 2 hrs 43 mins
  • 4th : Ahmad Sufian - Kulim Kedah - 2 hrs 45 mins
  • 5th : Masziatun bte Mohd Razi - MSN Kedah - 2 hrs 47 mins
More Pics, please visit :

What They Say /Comments :

rocker : RedFlag Jitra, Kedah = "
ramlysp> sorry bro, hr 2 x dan nak msk gambaq, blog msauk ayaq. tahniah bro kerana jambori sp bjaya. bagi 9 dr 10 ! - chat box

art from 99bike Langkawi " tahniah kerana telah berjaya dlm penganjuraan jamboree . next year bagi water point ada dua ka utk warga emas dan kanak2" - chat box

azmi KOTRT Penang " tahniah 2 d organizing/workin comm. volunteers & last but not least 2 u old fren 4 an xcellant & memorable jamboree. just lurv d climbs. . .pity, sum of it was blok by riders pushing deir bike or earlier stages by congestion. Trails were clearly marked & we espcially liked d little scribbling & smiley faces. very cheeky! syabas fm ur' kotrt bros" - sms

MKH Riders : "About 15 MKH riders took part in the 45km event. The route was fantastic and almost ridable for most riders across the whole distance. Good signage and mixture of up and downhills. One key surprise for lots of riders is that there seems to be so many hills around that area,. Kudos to the organisers for being able share their richness of Sg Petani MTB trails to a wide span participants from all over Malaysia and abroad. All MKH riders ended safely, only one minor bike breakdown forcing the rider to run the last 10km to the finish line. "

Loso TRM - Perlis : "Pihak penganjur memang berusaha bersungguh-sungguh memastikan jamboree ini berlangsung dengan penuh jaya. Aspek keselamatan diambil kira sebaiknya. Petugas-petugas begitu peka dengan keadaan semasa peserta kayuhan. Penanda jalan mencukupi. Tiada permasalahan timbul semasa kayuhan. Terima kasih dan tahniah kepada pihak penganjur SP Jamboree..........

Jojo "WAAAAAA!!!!!:( ... I tak boleh pi!!!!! I can't go!!!
"No point in crying about it, have to take care of wife, and son. Wanted to go so bad that the plan was on, and off and on, and off again, you can ask Patrick Xplorer about it, how many times, I've led him to believe that I'm going, but eventually backed out of it again. Felt sorry about misleading him. In any case, i'm sorry about the whole thing patrick. We can always watch the pics they posted up."

10th August 2008, while over 800 mountain bikers around the country is riding thier MTB in Sungai Petani, which is, about 45 minutes away from Alor Setar, we, thats me, Xplorer, Tien, Yuen, AK, is.. riding in Jitra gas pipe, sigh...................................... please dun say "you should've been in SP"... I know, We know.
To you guys who went, enjoy yourself, I know you all would definitely"

mat kedah Ini Jamboree manyak teluk woooo.. apa lepa sulah mikin haaaa"
Aku pun terfikir macam tu juga.. apa punya tur.. bukit gila-gila tak boleh climb... mai cerita kat aku sapa yang dapat climb bukit after Pipe Gas... dengan keadaan cuaca macam kat Padang pasir.. ini sudah jadi Jamboree paling teruk aku pernah pi.... Cakap banyak tak mau.. hangpa usha saja gamabar yang aku publish tu.. NASIHAT AKU> Untuk diri aku sendiri juga.. KALAU TAK CUKUP TRAINING JANGAN DOK CUBA.. Don't ever ENTER ANY JAMBOREE If less TRAINING.. Aku cramp 4~5

ramlysp>Saya dapat jersey ngam-ngam.. cayalah.. tapi SP jamboree kali nie kena buat postmortem pasal water station dan banyak climb kena tolakramlysp>Penunjuk arah saya bagi A++ " - chat box

manggisrider - Abg ramli..trek sp memang best..mencabar minda..uphill dgn dhill..sempoi..nasib baik tak hujan. kalau hujan mampuih nak tolak... . .anuar - chat box

pawana riders "Yang ini yang I paling tak suka langsung. Dahlah penat... nak kami tunggu di bawah sinaran matahari yang terik dan panas sementara mengunggu result cabutan bertuah.... aiksss tak terasa bertuah pun....kulit dah macam panggang ayam....canopi tu ada, tapi bikin silap tempat....."
Lesson Learned - by ramlysp
  • Noted & wz 2 water stn.
  • Just to share & make it a lesson learned about riders who failed to comply 'd 16 Commandments of MTBers regarding eating, drinking and the general running of the events. The courses are fully marked so that no map, compass or navigation skills are required. Riders already remind to do their check of list before ride. The feeding stations are normally between 20-30km apart but should not be understood as the sole source of food and drink.
  • Building up d' trail, matching for all riders was A tough job but possible !
  • Failed to Climb ? Is not the hilly course, but maybe we are not prepare for a marathon ride ?
    • Training can improve our general fitness regardless of the point at which you start.
    • Training sounds a bit serious – but riding should still be fun.
    • Training sounds too much like hard work – There will be times that riding your bike is hard, but following a training programme does not mean that you have to bust a gut on every ride you do. I n fact this is not a good way to train. Easy low effort rides are excellent at building fitness.
    • Knowing our weakness. (i'm not a good riders, but i trained hard b4 d' big day/event.
  • A hilly course offers an alternative to an interval ride, and will give you some variety at the same time. Riding a tough course will help you develop the mental attitude needed to face those hills in a race i.e. Enduro Ride SP > Baling > SP. Aim Average speed > of 26.0km.
  • Last, but not least, Ride for Fun maaaa !


"MAT KEDAH" said...

Untuk semua AJK SP JAMBOREE.. TAHNIAH atas penganjuran yang BERJAYA.. Trail memang best TAPI banyak sangat BUKIT TOLAK.. itu yang buat kami dok maki hamun sebab tak cukup training.. Next year TOLONG SEDIAKAN BANYAK WATER STATION.. Last but not least TAHNIAH TO ALL AJK... MAT KEDAH

email : said...

Thanks & Noted. "aku dah remind minimum 3 ltrs air kena bawa. . .hang minum ka hang mandi ha ha ha ! BTW Tahniah, walaupun tak cukup training hang complete 4 check points. . . glory & pride !

buat tatapan said...

mat..... hang every week kayuh. Lain la mcm aku. outstation, out station saja