Friday, July 25, 2008

SP MTB Jamboree 2008 - Check Of List For Every Basher !

Ladies & gentlemen (just to share), check & preparation list & pre-ride checklist.
Must ensure ur' bike is in good & safe working condition. Wear helmet & gloves at all times. No Helmet, No Ride. In addition to these, I also recommend that you wear some form of cycling glasses to stop mud getting in your eyes. As the ride will last several hours, strongly advise you to bring fluids (water, energy drinks etc) to carry on the bike & something to eat b4 reaching 'feeding point'. You will also need to bring a spare inner tube & repair kit.

You need a specific purpose bicycle.
Hardtail MTBFull Suspension MTB

Tire selection : the right set of tire.
  • Fork and shock pressure : Check for the right PSI and pump it the nite before. Do some trial cycling to get the right pressure.
  • Braking Power : Check your brake pad. If you think adding some mineral oil or DOT 4 please do so. Its gonna be slippery this coming august. No brake means you might end up on the ground.
  • Drivetrain : Go for a service if necessary. Shifting is important. We don't want any chain hopping while shifting ...... avoid mechanical breakdown !.
Helmet is always a MUST.
make sure the size fits your head.

MTB / Studded Shoe
Attention! Try to avoid flat sole shoe with no grip.
Suitable Attire
Some prefer cycling jerseys, some others might have some other preferrence. Whatever it is make sure your ride is not affected by it.

b. Cycling shorts. / padded shorts.
(No picture available )

c. Gloves
(No picture available)

5. Hydration Pack.
We don't want anybody to pass out due to dehydration or starvation.
It can also place mini first aid kit, repairing tools, energy bars, camera, and etc.

6. Basic First Aid kits
- this is a must !

Repairing Tools
some Allen keys, spanner, cutter, and etc.
It is a Jamboree not a Race !
- remember not to forget all the thing listed. Jamboree is not about who reaches the finish line first. It is about meeting new friends, sharing new experiences, and etc.

The more you know, the more you know that you don't know.
Thanks Chan NXT:

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