Thursday, May 20, 2010

Never Give Up !

. . . . . ::: QUOTE . . . . .
...::: 'If you brake, you don't win' ~ Mario Cipollini :::...

"Watch this motivational video that shows you why you should never Quit in life & keep going on and overcome our limits.

This video crosses from being sport specific to being applicable to life.

A lot of success in life has come from lessons learned
training and competing.

Don’t just apply this attitude to your Cycling but all facets of life. This attitude or approach is what you need to succeed.
  • Never quitting
  • Keep getting up when you get knock down
  • Don’t hold back. Give everything you’ve got.
  • When you think you’re finished and can’t go any more, Push Harder.
. . . . . . UNQUOTE "

Note :
  • Specially dedicated to Mr. L . . . . . come & join us for any Easy Ride !
  • Ride, Ride, Ride and Ride . . .
  • Stay safe, stay healthy !


Ben Soon said...

Hi Ramly, thanks for putting up this video. Watched it twice and still brought tears of motivation after that.

zan-KX said...

who's mr L sir? +_+

Carlos Bernardo said...

Ello mi friend,!
iam visit your blog, a gaine , sam times i cam to vist, it is very good, xau.

ramly sp said...

Muito obrigado my friend !