Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sedim - "White Water Rafting"

...::: " Thrilling, Exciting, Wet, Wild and Challenging " ::: . . . .
"There will be fear, anger, difficulty, sadness, joy, love, even hate; but at the end there will be pride in yourself and your teammates for what you are able to accomplish."

~ Water Confidence ~

"No Jump, No Ride" . . . . he he he !

They call it : "Lubok Siku @ Elbow Drop"

"It's not a roller-coaster ride where you get strapped in, ride and get off. You're dealing with Mother Nature and just about the time you think you're getting good, the river comes up and slaps you in the face and it tells you :
'I let you come out and play, but the River's still in charge.'"

Respect & admired nature !

Regards ~ "Boooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm . . . ."

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