Thursday, February 11, 2010

GPS ~ Yang Mana Satu ?

Yang mana satu ?

Quote ~ The Edge 305 has the ability to measure pedaling cadence, heart rate, speed, distance, time, calories burned, altitude, climb and descent, plus much more. 305 features include:Easy-to-install no calibration required. Just snap it in the included bike mount and go
  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver knows your position even in tree cover and canyons, making it extremely reliable for navigation
  • Highly efficient ANT wireless protocol provides superior battery life and reliably transfers your performance data to the Edge 305
  • Customizable cycle computer shows up to eight different data fields for continuous feedback
  • Virtual Partner® lets you "race" a virtual competitor, making training fun
  • Courses let you "race" against a recorded course to try to match previously set speeds at every point along the way
  • Auto Pause® pauses the training timer when you slow down below a specified speed and resumes when you speed up again so you can focus on your ride
  • Auto Lap® automatically triggers a lap every time you pass a specified location or travel a preset distance
  • Garmin Training Center® software gives you the ability to create workouts, manage and download courses, and create a detailed post-ride analysis that charts your performance. ~ Unquotes"
Aku nak guna utk cyling/touring & jungle tracking . . . . !
Specs. seperti di atas sudah memadai.
Ada siapa-siapa nak jual ?


Long Mie said...

Saya rekomen Garmin 60CSX. Sesuai utk semua. Garmin Edge hanya utk beskal jee.

Long Mie said...

Maps & Memory:
Basemap: yes
Preloaded street maps: no
Ability to add maps: yes
Built-in memory: no
Accepts data cards: 64 MB microSD™ card (included)
Waypoints/favorites/locations: 1000
Routes: 50
Track log: 10,000 points, 20 saved tracks

Automatic routing (turn by turn routing on roads): yes
Electronic compass: yes
Barometric altimeter: yes
Geocaching-friendly: yes
Outdoor GPS games: yes
Hunt/fish calendar: yes
Sun and moon information: yes
Tide tables: yes
Area calculation: yes
Custom POIs (ability to add additional points of interest): yes

Hrg less 1.5K

wari said...

Kalau nak heart rate and cadence with good maps, you can also try Garmin Dakota 20 or Garmin Oregon 300.

They are not really sports based (no laps, start/stop time, tell you calories, etc) but they do record everything, and is also a great hiking/geocaching GPS

HRM and Cadence of course, must buy separate.

It's not an Edge 305/705/500 replacement, but still good alternative.

More multi purpose sports based I would recommend is Forerunner 305 or 310XT. Can use for running :)

ramly sp said...

thanks LonMie ~ tapi guna 2xAA batteries ?

wari said...

Garmin Dakota 20 pun pakai 2xAA, and smaller than 60CSX, can also use for driving. Pakai touchscreen, 60CSX used buttons, and bigger.

Anyway, up to you, whatever you like.

ramly sp said...

Wari thanks !

said TRJ said...

Tn Hj. ambik kedua dua...
yg x berapa bekenan xpa
pa...sat g ada org p ambik
he he..."UP 2 U".