Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bed Time Reading . . . !

What is life after 50 . . ?

"Think of beautiful beach & swim, bicycling, touring, trekking, rafting & enjoy ur xtvt "

Things ~ hope NOT doing :

  • Don't adopt an "old" attitude. Think positive and have a can-do spirit.
  • Stop wearing those 'old" clothes. Buy a trendy item. Look at some magazines and see what sort of outfits you can put together.
  • Stop expectation. People will never always do what you want them to. We cannot change then, we can only change ourselves.
  • Don't pick battles that don't matter. Ask your self if this soon to be argument will matter in the realm of things.
  • Don't shy away from teenagers, if you are in their presence, absorb their spirit.
  • Stop regretting past experiences. They are all lessons and helped to get us to this point.
  • Don't live in a house that no longer serves your purpose.
  • Stop the idea of thinking you cannot experience something new because you are 50.
  • Do you live solely for yourself? Do for someone else when you can.
  • Stop using work as your life's purpose. A job is what you do, it is not who you are.
  • Try to not be careless with your health.
  • Don't put up a wall with strangers. Maybe it's a new friend you haven't met yet.
  • Don't dump all your troubles on your friends and family.
  • Don't "believe" you will have bad luck.
  • Realize the freedoms that come with empty nesting. It is not a time to be sad.
  • Don't waste today.... LIVE !
  • If someone would like to treat you to a 'cup of coffee' and conversation, don't refuse.
  • Don't ‘bury your head in the sand’, be informed about our world and whats going on in it.
  • If you are single, don't think you can't experience a younger partner . . . . !
Get moving, no time to sit down 'enjoying ur teh tarik & nasi lemak' and allow ur 'ball bearing' get stuck.

My Note :
  • Agreed Buddy ~ and 'balance up' ur jasmani & rohani . . . . !
  • Kayuh, Kayuh jugak ~ sampai 'waktu' jgn Leka !
"Quote -"bike touring is a good way to let mind & body travel at the same pace. Traveling at 'human-speed" leads to a level of interaction, whether wz changing landscapes or wz peole met on the way, that makes the journey awesome, & not just the destination, part of adventure"

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