Monday, June 15, 2009

Sedim ~ Back To Nature

~ Back to Nature ~
Shelter protect you from the elements & be comfortable enough for resting & sleeping.. . .
BUT Who protect yourself . . . ?

Bacalah/Reading Ayatul Kursi . . . InsyaAllah !

~ Shelter site ~
- If possible choose ground:
- that is dry, well drained and reasonably flat.
- that is a comfortable distance to water and has a supply of firewood.
- that has building materials for your shelter.
- that provides protection against strong winds.

Date : 5th till 8th Jun ~ Univesiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Jabatan Keselamatan UKM ~ Back To Nature
~ Teams fail when they do not understand how to use their combined abilities ~
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Date : 7th till 9th Jun ~ PULAKOP
My Birthday Cake ~ Roti Twist !

Roti Twist

Prepare for the Worst ~ Hope for the best !

"You have to care about what peoples views are. if you want to work as a team you have

to be able to listen and cant just do what you want if you use

bits of everyone ideas you will work better".

~ Back to Basic ~
"To be a team they have to work together, have respect for each other, and help one another when needed. They must understand each other's views and respect them".

. . . . The Challenge itself was the Motivator . . . .

Keep Your Fitness . . .

. . . . Keep ur' Fitness !
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Riezal said...

fuh.. terasa macam nak join jadi anak murid abg ramly.. bagi saya kurang pendedahan pasal dalam jungle survival ni.apa pun nice write up..

ramly sp said...

salam riezal ~ ngeri gak tengok dress up macam nak g perang he he he. 'Beauty' kat hutan Sedim niii fasal tak da nyamuk yg ganggu anda smasa tidor. Saya guna 'hammock' yg diikat pada pokok bermalam disitu. Cuaca ~ mmmmm best dingin/sejuk sampai ke tulang ! Tengah planning nak bawa kawan2 MTB'ers Ride & Camp kat sini. Salam.

Jane Lim said...

i like this adventurous! I am so missed when I was girl guide to do these all!

if can do MTB + CAMP please ajak me...

btw...Ramly you look handsome lah when you were young (from the picture) jadi lagi handsome+MAN!!! :)

ramly sp said...

GI Jane ~ Noted. Just Sharing ~ Moment was precious BUT Memory r Forever ! Wud like to share/combine 'abilities' wz Malik KOTRT 69 Commando . . . to make it 'more fun' ride ! C U

Jane Lim said...

OK thanks! See you!

Razif Baling. said...

Bang Ly, kalau Jane nak camping, saya pun tak mau ketinggalan la...hahahaha...boh nama siap2...