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Thai Words For Beginner

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Thai language uses long & short tones, high tones & low tones to describe a word, a word such as (Ma) has more than 3 meanings, depending on the tone its spoken with. eg: Ma = Horse, Dog & Come

Most Thai language books I have read are very confusing and the correct pronunciation of simple words can still be quite a challenge. eg: The word "thank you" is spelt "Khurp" in most language books.
For an English speaking person, this word sounds the same as "Cup" .

The words listed below have been written as u would pronounce it in English. Just say the word as if it was English language & you will be understood by most of the Thai locals.

Basic Words & Greetings in Thai language

Hello = Sawa dee
Thank you = Spoken by males = cup / Females = Ka
Thank you very much = Ka poon cup/ ka poon Ka

(Thank you) Cup / Ka, can be said at the end of any sentiance, it is a sign of
respect to whom you are speaking with and is regarded as being polite.

How are you? = Coon Sabbi dee may
I am fine thanks = Pom Sabbi dee cup / Ka
I am good thanks how are you ? = Pom Sabbi dee cup, coon sabbi dee may
Your Welcome = Yin dee cup / ka
Wait = Cooy
Waiting long time = Cooy nun lowel

The word Lowal = past tense - it has happened already.
The word is used at the end of the sentance to say "past tense".

Come = Ma
Come from = Ma Ja
I have come from Australia = Pom Ma Ja Australia
Has come/ Arrived = Ma Lowel

Go = Pie
Gone already = Pie Lowel
Go Where = Pie Nay
Go soon = Pie Dell Nee

Eat = Gin
Drink = Durn
Food = Aharn
Snack food = Ka Nom
Have eaten already = Gin Lowel
Rice = Cow
I am Hungry = Pom Hue
Are you Hungry = Coon hue may
Tasty = Aroy
I have eaten already thanks = gin lowel cup / ka
I am full thank you = Imm lowel cup

Understand = Cow J
Don't Understand = May Cow J
I dont Know = May Roo
Want = Owl
Don't Want = May Owl

Now = Don nee
Today = Wan nee
To night = Coon nee
This morning = Chow nee
Tomorrow = Prong nee
Yesterday = More wan
What is the time = Gee mong lowal

Water = Nam
Ice = Nam kang

Hot Water = Nam Ron
Cold Water = Nam Yen
Water Fall = Nam dock
Rain = Fon
Raining = Fon dock
Water Fall = Nam Dock
Shower = Up Narm

May Be / Perhaps = Bung T
Play = Len
Speak = Port
Funny = Snook
I know = Pom roo
I don't know = Pom may roo
Every thing = Took Sing
Large = Yaa
Small = leck
Fast = Rewel
Slow = Cha Cha

Crazy = Baa
You are Crazy = Coon Baa lowel
You are Very Crazy = Coon Baa Mark
Stupid = Ting Tong
You are stupid = Coon Ting Tong lowel

Have = Me
I have = Pom me
I Don't have = Pom may me
You have = Coon me
You don't have = Coon may me
Can not hear you= May dar yin Coon
I can hear you = Pom dar yin coon
Work = Tam yarn
I want = Pom Don gun
I Think = Pom Kitt waar
Why = Tum mi
I am sick = Pom mezza bi

Happy = Quarm sook or Sabbi dee
I am Happy = Pom me quarm sook or Pom me sabbi
I am not Happy = Pom me may sabbi
I am Sad = Pom me Sour J
I am Sorry = Pom me Sair J
I am Confused = Pom me Sap som
Never mind = May pen rye
A lot / Very = Mark
Hurt / Pain = Jep
I am full = Imm lowals
I forget = Pom leum lowel
Where is = U T Nay
Over their = T non
Here = T nee
When = Mar rye

Friend = Pern
Problem = Parn ha
I have a problem = Pom me parn ha
Afraid = Glue A
Frightend / Scare = Jock J
Smells bad= Men (Hmmm.. . I think the Thai language was written by a female)
Good = Dee
Very Good = Dee mark
Bad = Leeoo or May Dee
Hot Day = Dad lon
Cold wind = Lom yen
Strong wind = Lom lang

Bathroom / Toilet = Hung Nam
Shower = Up nam
Look = Doo
See = Hen
Again = Eek
Tell a Lie = Port Go Hok
Talking Shit/ lies alot = Port Key Mong
Promise= Sanya
Sorry = Car Tort

Boxing = Muay
Thai Boxer = Nuck Muay
Warrior = Nuk Soo
Pratice Muaythai = Som Muay
Elbow = Fun Sock
Punch = Chalk
Kick = Dek
Left Punch = Chalk Sigh
Right Kick = Dek Quar
Front Kick = Tep
Grapple= Grum
Win = Chana
Win Victorious = Me Chi
Good Luck = Chalk dee

A Few Simple Tips:
When you use the word May @ the end of a sentence, it means you are asking a question.
Are you hungry ? = Coon Hue may
Are you happy ? = Coon sabbi dee may
Do you have a boy friend ? = Coon me fan may

To use the word May in front of a word means = no / don't.
eg: I don't understand = May Cow J
No thanks = May cup
I don't know = May roo
I don't like it = Pom may chop

Handy Thai Phrases When Flirting

Eyes = Dar
Pretty = Null ark
Beautiful = Sway
Hansome = Law
Breasts = Nom
Kiss = Joop
Like = Chop
You are very beautiful = Coon sway mark
You are very pretty = Coon null ark mark
What is your name ? = Coon chew alie
You have a beautiful smile = Coon me yim sway
Happy to meet you = Quam sook T die pop coon
See you again = Pop Gun
Do you have a boy friend ? = Coon me fan may
I like you = Pom chop coon
You have big breasts = Coon me nom yaa
What are you thinking ? = Coon Kitt alie
I am Shy = Pom key eye
You look good = Coon doo dee
You look beautiful = Coon doo sway jung
I love you long time = Pom Rak coon nun lowel

Numbers Currency: (THB) Thai baht
(1) = Nin
(2) = Song
(3)= Sam
(4) = See
(5) = Ha
(6)= Hok
(7) = Jet
(8) = Pad
(9) = Cow
(10) = Sip
(11) = Sip ett
(12) = Sip song
(13) = Sip sam
(14) = Sip see
(15) = Sip ha
(20) = Yee sip
(21) = Yee sip ett
(22) = Yee sip song
(23) = Yee sip sam
(24) = Yee sip see
(25) = Yee sip ha
(30) = Sam sip
(40) = See sip
(50) = Hok sip
(60) = Jet sip
(100) = Nin roy
(150) = Nin roy ha sip
(500) = Ha roy (
1000) = Nin pun (
1500) = Nin pun ha roy
(2000) = See pun
(5000) = Ha pun

Time in Thai Language

2 am = D song
3 am = D sam
4 am = D see
5 am = D ha
6 am = Hok mong chow
7 am = Jet mong chow
8 am = Pad mong chow
9 am = Cow mong chow
10 am = Sep mong chow
11 am = Sip ett mong
Mid day = Thung

1 pm = Bi nin
2 pm = Bi song
3 pm = Bi Sam
4 pm = See mong yen
5 pm = Ha mong ye
6 pm = Hok mong yen
7 pm = Nin toom
8 pm = Song toom
9 pm = Sam toom
10 pm = See toom
11 pm = Ha toom
Mid night = Thung coon

Note: The "R" is often pronounced as a "L".

Some words and basic sentences...


sawàt-dii khâ (woman); khráp (man)

thank you

khàwp khun khâ (woman); khráp (man)

it's nothing; never mind

mâi pen rai

How do you do?

sabaai-dii mái?

I'm fine, thanks


I don't speak Thai

phóm/chãn phut Thai mâi dâi

please speak slowly

káwrúnaa phûut cháa-cháa

did you understand?

khun khâo jai mâi?

may I take a photograph?

tháai rûup dâi mái?

may I use the telephone?

kho chai thorasap dâi mâi?

where are the toilets?

hong nam you thi nai?

how much does it cost?

raakhaa thâo rai?

what's that?

ni keu arai?

very expensive!

phaeng mâak!

have you got something cheaper?

mii thùuk-kwàa níi mái?

the bill, please

keb ngoen duay khâ/khráp


laa kàwn

see you soon

láew phóp kan mài

pleased to meet you

yin-dii thîi dâi rúujàk

happy new year

sawàt-dii pii mài

happy birthday

souksan wan kòet

good luck

chôhk dii

excuse me

kháw thóht khâ/khráp

I want to go...

phóm/dì-chán yàak pai...

where is... ?

...yùu thîi nái?

turn left

líaw sáai

turn right

líaw khwáa

straight ahead

trong pai

I/me (man) / I/me (woman)

phóm / dì-chán

you or mister


he, him, she, her, they, them


we, us


what time is it?

kìi mohng láew?









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